Truk Lagoon July 2024

Dive trip to Truk Lagoon to explore World War II Japanese shipwrecks

San Francisco Maru Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon - July 2024

Join us and dive some of the best wrecks in the world 

         5th – 17th July 2024

  • Over 40 WWII shipwrecks 
  • Depths from 3m to 70m.  
  • 95% are in 30m or shallower
  • 12 days diving available with 2 dives per day
  • 30 degree water at 10m metres and at 60 metres

Truk Lagoon (Chuuk Lagoon) is part of the Federal State of Micronesia.  About 970 nautical miles northeast of Papua New Guinea.  

During World War II, the Japenese used Truk as their main base for their naval fleet in the pacific.

On 17th and 18th February 1944, with the knowledge that the Japanese Naval Commander had moved most of the fleet to Palau leaving Truk undefended, Operation Hailstone took place.

The attack took place in two waves;   the first was to attack any ships still at anchor.  The second was to destroy critical facilities, crippling Truk as a naval base.

Divers can expect tropical conditions; warm, but sometimes wet top side and underwater temperatures of around 27 to 30 degrees Celcius.  A 3mm full wetsuit is recommended to protect against cuts and scraps from the wreck which in the tropics can become infected.

You don’t have to enter the wrecks to enjoy them and the corals growth is fantastic, so it’s not all just rust down there.  There is plenty of marine life too. But if you want to go. in, then you must have a wreck diver qualification.

To get longer divers or go deeper being qualified as a Technical diver (especially to the 50m range) will give you more options on the trip.  But single tank divers qualified to. dive to 40m (or even just 30m) using nitrox will have an absolute blast here too.


We will be diving for 12 whole days diving whilst in Truk.

What normally happens is that we do two dives a day.

First dive in the morning normally starts round 8:30am and will be one of the deeper wrecks. Afternoon dives normally start round 2pm. This gives everyone a good surface interval and long dive ( minimum of 4 hours surface interval for Deco dives). For recreational diving groups, we can arrange more diving opportunities in each day if you want them.

Maximum of 6 divers per boat and 1 boat per wreck.

For deco divers, we will take a day off from diving mid trip to shed that nitrogen.


Truk lagoon is probably one of the most out of the way, isolated destinations on the planet. To ensure diver safety and well being it is the Policy on all Lust4Rust Diving Excursions trips to bring a Hyperbaric and Emergency Physician. There is a well kitted out re-compression chamber on the main island (5 minutes away from the resort), but delays in correspondence with DAN can make things difficult.
We have full authorization to quickly treat and tend to our divers. We also have one of the most comprehensive medic kits, so we can do our best in most basic medical emergencies. The local hospital is expectant of a normal 3rd world hospital. Sparse equipment and very limited resources. So we take your health and welfare very seriously!


The trip is scheduled for 5th to 17th July 2024, so there is still plenty of time to save for the trip. 

We only require a $500USD  deposit to secure your space.  Call now!


Cost: USD $3,695 USD | 12 days 13 nights| 2 dives per day.

What’s not included

Airfares (AirNZ to Tokyo – United Airlines to Guam, then Truk),

Airport departure tax USD $20

Meals and drinks are not included.

Any Hotels en-route.

Gas is not included and is worked out per Litre of Oxygen $0.06/L and or Helium $0.22/L

US Travel Visa for Guam.

Holiday and diving insurance.

Trip Requirements

  • Wreck Diver,
  • Advanced Open Water diver or above,.
  • Nitrox.
  • Deep diver.
  • Decompression diver qualifications for engaging in decompression diving.
  • If you haven’t been in the water for over 12 months, then book onto a refresher in our pool before the trip.  This will ensure you are comfortable in the water before we go on the trip.
  • Bring along a copy of your dive certification.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Passports must have a minimum of 6 months validity from your return date of travel
  • Passports must have at least 2 blank pages


Your trip deposit or full payment secures your space. Any outstanding balances are due 10 weeks before departure.

If you cancel your space on a trip within 7 days or less of departure you will incur a 100% cancellation fee. Generally trip payments once made are non-refundable, but most trips have a waiting list and we will do our best to find someone to take your space in the event you need to pull out. You can help us, and improve your chance of a refund, by finding your own replacement.

If a trip is cancelled by us due to weather or for safety reasons, a full refund or store credit will be given. Trip pricing does not include transport. You will need to make your own way to the vessel departure point.

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