Poor Knights Day Trip

POOR KNIGHTS ISLANDS DAY TRIP from $249 for divers

Snorkelers from just $239

The Poor Knights Marine Reserve
One trip just isn't enough!

It’s time for you to experience the best dive trip in New Zealand. 

If you’re looking to dive at one of the top diving destinations with over 50 dive sites in the world, then our charter trip is right up your alley.

From tiny nudibranchs to large stingrays, large shoals of fish that will engulf as you explore the reef to shy bronze whaler sharks that may allow you to see them gracefully swim past.

Other Poor Knights trip options;

On the first Saturday of the month we try and do a 3 dive day at the Poor Knights.  Click here to check out our 3 dive day trip.

On the first Sunday of the  every month ,(weather permitting) we try and get to the wreck of the HMNZS Waikato and also the Poor Knights on our Wreck and Reef trips.  Click here to check out our Wreck trips.

Dive The Poor Knights with Dive Now

The Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve is located 12 Nautical Miles off the coast of New Zealand, that’s approximately 1 hour from Tutukaka Mariner on our charter boat.  They are renowned for their stunning above and below water topography and the marine life is colourful and dynamic.

You’ll get to experience two dive sites or three on scheduled days, in an environment that will take your breath away. 

A day trip to the Poor Knights Islands is a great way to spend a hard earned day off or be part of your holiday itinerary. We head out every day that we can to dive, freedive or snorkel, normally at two different sites unless the first site is worth a second visit.

Don’t forget about the tour around the islands which we do during your surface interval between the two dives. You will visit Riko Riko Cave, the largest measured sea cave in the Southern Hemisphere and visit Eastern and Southern Arches.  Learn a little about the islands both human history and its geology.

Feel free to check out photos from some of our previous trips and follow us on Facebook or Instagram and we even have some videos on YouTube

More photos are available on our Google account.

Poor Knights Diving

So join us, sit back, relax and enjoy a day out on the water with friends, family or even just on your own.

Our passionate crew will look after you no matter what level of diver you are, we just need to know a little bit about your diving experience. We provide rental gear for those who need it, wetsuits and hot showers so that you can stay warm during and after your dives.

Experience one of the top diving destinations in the world with a day trip to the Poor Knights Islands!  Spaces are limited to just 12 passengers, so reserve your spot today!

Use the booking form to help you book your trip, it’s a live system that shows the available spaces.  If you want to dive on a day that isn’t listed then just get in touch with us and we will try and arrange it for you.

Trip Schedule

  • You’ll meet at the boat at the Tutukaka Marina at 8am (M Pier).  Everyone will then load up the boat (if you are hiring gear from us then we will have that on board for you).
  • Once the boat is loaded the Skipper will give us a safety briefing and we’ll start making our way out to the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve.  The trip over to the Poor Knights Islands takes approximately 1 hour. 
  • When we get there the Skipper will choose the first site to anchor the boat. If you have a particular site that you would love to visit then please mention this to either the Skipper or Crew and we’ll see if the conditions will allow this.
  • Once anchored, those heading into the water for a snorkel can jump in whenever they want.  The Divers will then start gearing up and hop in for their first dive.
  • Dive times are limited to a maximum of 90 minutes.
  • The Snorkelers can hop in and out as they please when we are at anchor.  There is a hot shower on the back deck if anyone needs to rinse off.
  • After everyone is back on board, with a hot soup or cuppa, the crew will up-anchor and your skipper will take you on a tiki-tour (Kiwi Slang for a trip) around the Poor Knights Islands and its arches, filling you in on the history and, weather permitting, take you into the largest sea cave in the southern hemisphere (by sea volume).
  • During this time you can sit back, relax and have a bite to eat.
  • The second site will then be chosen where you’ll be able to jump back in for another dive, swim or snorkel.
  • Once the second activity is done everyone will come back on board and the Skipper will start making their way back to shore.  You’ll arrive back at the Marina around 3.30-4pm.  And don’t worry, we’ll take care of washing down the boat 🙂

Trip Requirements

  • Respect our Marine Reserve, no touching, so be in control of your buoyancy and watch where your fins go, no feeding of fish and no landing on the islands.  Only use marine/reef friendly sunblock.
  • If you haven’t been in the water for over 24 months then you need to complete a refresher before coming diving.   You can book onto a refresher with us in our pool before the trip or you can do a refresher as part of your first dive at the Poor Knights.  This will ensure you are comfortable in the water and get the most out of your trip.
  • Bring along a copy of your dive certification (if you can’t find yours then let us know beforehand and we can look it up prior to your dive trip)
  • Please Note: We supply hot drinks, hot soups, biscuits and a few lollies, but lunch is not included, so please be sure to bring along refreshments to keep yourself hydrated and your energy levels up.

Transportation is not provided by Dive Now.  If you need help with transport we can arrange this for you on the daily shuttle to Whangarei town and back, so just get in touch.



Remember Junior Divers under 12 years old are limited to 12 metres. If they are not part of a buddy team with an adult diver who is happy to self guide, then they will require their own dive guide.  This is an additional cost $100

Squid Squad Programme For Kids - Dive Now

Are you a regular traveler to the Poor Knights with Dive Now? 

From June 2024, we have introduced a concession card.  Pay to come out diving with us 9 times and get your 10th trip for free.

Our Rates 

$249 Diver using their own gear

$239 Snorkeler -Mask, fins, snorkel and wetsuits are included.

$359 Diver using our gear

$389 Try Dive – 1 dive with an instructor and then snorkeling (no experience required, gear included) 

$469 Ultimate Try Dive – 2 dives with an instructor (no experience required, gear included)

Optional extras

$100 on board refresher or $150 with SSI Scuba Skills Update

$100 Junior Diver (10/11 year old) with own gear requiring guiding.

$200 Junior Diver (10/11 year old) requiring gear and guiding 

$20 rental Air cylinder each

$30 rental Nitrox Cylinder up to 34% each

More options are available within the booking system.

Poor Knights Dive Site Map


If you cancel your spot on a trip within 24 hours or less of departure you will incur a 100% cancellation fee – unless we can fill your spot.  We often have a waiting list so please just keep us informed if you don’t think you are going to be able to make it.

If a trip is cancelled by us due to weather or for safety reasons, a full refund or store credit will be given.

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