Tec Tuesday

TEC TUESDAY'S from $239

Also look out for our monthly 3 dive day trips from $299, they usually take place on the first Saturday of the month.

And our wreck and reef days, if the conditions allow on the first Sunday of the month.,


A dive trip for our Tec Divers

We pride ourselves in taking our divers to varied sites when we visit the Poor Knights Islands, but sometimes we cannot do certain dive sites due to less experienced divers on board.  So we are dedicating one Tuesday of every month exclusively to our Tech divers.

What to expect on a Tec Tuesday trip?

We will reduce the maximum number of customers from 12 to 9, given everyone a little more space for your toys.

The dive sites will be chosen on the day.  We will choose as a group where we will dive, taking into account the weather and sea conditions.  We have the option of the entire Poor Knights Marine Reserve and the Waikato wreck.   We also have the Tutukaka Coast between Bream Rock and Limerick/Rimariki Island as options (up to 1 hour of travel time to our destination), but these days would best be preplanned.

We meet for 8am at M Pier and load the boat, conduct the safety briefing, complete paperwork and discuss our destination options before departing by 8.30am.  En route you will complete the extra planning paperwork  if you are conducting a decompression dive with your team.

You have the option of completing 2 x non/limited decompression dives up to 90 minutes with up to 90 minutes surface interval or a 1 x single dive of a maximum of 120 minutes.

Feel free to check out photos from some of our previous trips and follow us on Facebook or Instagram and we even have some videos on YouTube

More photos are available on our Google account.

Divers must show proof of their training / certification to use the chosen equipment and to perform the planned dive.

Divers will stay within their training, experience and comfort limits for the dives. 

Divers must return to the boat within the planned time given to the crew as we will begin the missing diver procedure once outside of this time.

Do not push your limits, follow  your training and ensure if you complete a second dive, plan it so that it is very conservative.

Please make sure you are well hydrated to reduce risk of DCS.

So join us for an amazing day out.  If you are needing a buddy, then let us know what kind of dive you wish to do, then we get you in contact with the other divers if you do not already know them and start planning your days diving.

Our passionate and experienced crew are experienced in looking after technical divers and all of their toys.  So you can be sure we will look after you no matter what level of technical diver you are, we just need to know about your diving experience. 

We can provide rental gear for those who need it, so get in contact with us if you need anything from us.

Use the booking form to help you book your trip, it’s a live system that shows the available spaces.  If you want to dive on a day that isn’t listed then just get in touch with us and we will try our best and arrange it for you.

Trip Schedule

  • You’ll meet at the boat at the Tutukaka Marina at 8am (M Pier).  Everyone will then load up the boat (if you are hiring gear from us then we will have that on board for you to check and analyse any gases).
  • Once the boat is loaded the Skipper will give us a safety briefing and we’ll start making our way out.  If we go to the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve, the trip takes approximately 1 hour. 
  • When we get there the Skipper will confirm the first site is safe to anchor the boat. If you have a particular site that you would love to visit then please mention this to either the Skipper or Crew as we leave and we’ll see if the conditions will allow this.
  • The Divers will then start gearing up and hop in for their first dive.
  • Dive times are limited to a maximum of 2 x 90 minute non/limited decompression dives or 1 x 91 – 120 minutes.
  • During the Surface Interval time you can sit back, relax and have a bite to eat and rehydrate.
  • The second site will then be chosen where you may choose to jump back in for another dive, swim or snorkel.
  • Once the second activity is done everyone will come back on board and the Skipper will start making their way back to shore.  You’ll arrive back at the Marina around 4-5pm.  And don’t worry, we’ll take care of washing down the boat 🙂

Trip Requirements

  • Respect our Marine Reserve, wrecks and reefs. No touching, so be in control of your buoyancy and watch where your fins go, no feeding of fish and no landing on the islands.  Only use marine/reef friendly sunblock.
  • If you haven’t been in the water for over 12 months then book onto a refresher with your local trainer and plan some shallow easy dives. This will ensure you are comfortable in the water and get the most out of your trip.
  • Bring along a copy of your dive certification (if you can’t find yours then let us know beforehand and we can look it up prior to your dive trip).
  • Please Note: We supply hot drinks, hot soups, biscuits and a few lollies, but lunch is not included, so please be sure to bring along refreshments to keep yourself hydrated and your energy levels up.

Transportation is not provided by Dive Now.  If you need help with transport we can arrange this for you on the daily shuttle to Whangarei town and back, so just get in touch.

Poor Knights Dive Site Map


If you cancel your spot on a trip within 24 hours or less of departure you will incur a 100% cancellation fee – unless we can fill your spot.  We often have a waiting list so please just keep us informed if you don’t think you are going to be able to make it.

If a trip is cancelled by us due to weather or for safety reasons, a full refund or store credit will be given.

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