Canterbury Wreck

Wreck Diving with Dive Now Whangarei

We are lucky enough to have 2 of the 3 ex NZ Navy Leander Class frigates to be sunk fior divers right on our door step.  Canterbury is in Deep Water Cove in the Bay of Islands and Waikato is off of Ngunguru Bay.

Deep Water Cove has had a Rahui in place since Canterbury was sunk.  We hope this remains in place as it makes the area an extra special place, one that is allowing the local marine population a chnace to repopulate.

It is also a fantastic area to dive for pleasure so see how our coastlone looked before it was overfished.  But it is also a fantastic place if you like RUST.  Sunk on 3rd November 2007, Canterbury has become the playground for many wreck divers.

Sitting on the sand at 32m at the bow and 36m at the stern, the shallowest part is 14m, it is a realitively deep wreck for recreational divers  The deck and superstructure lay in 22m to 27m range, but the lower decks go all the way to the sand.

Dived on Nitrox 32% most divers qualified with Advanced Open Water can expect to enjoy about a 35+ minute dive.  If you want to go longer and deeper, you must be tecnically trained.

Sinking of the Canterbury

Diving Canterbury