Drysuit repairs

Drysuits are great tools, I use mine all year around in New Zealand.  But they also have consumable parts like all pieces of equipment.  The seals and zip will need replacing over time.


Seals that are Latex are affected by UV from the sun and so they should be protected accordingly.  They tend to go a little sticky at the ends when they are starting to breakdown.  They also start to crack where they are glued to the suit.  This is a great time to get them changed, before they fail on you.

The ends of sticky latex wrist seals can be carefully trimmed with a pair of sharp scissors to extend the life a little as long as it doesn't affect the size and fit.  Bottle neck wrists are great for this, coned shapes would become too large for the user.  

Neoprene can be damaged by sharp finger nails or just stretch and wear out with usage.

Some suits have a user changable system, we have access to DUI, Santi & Si-Tec seals.  But if yours doesn't, then bring it into us and we can get the repair done for you.


Zips, both brass and plastic can last many years or can last 1 dive if not looked after correctly.  If the two halves of the zip are getting pulled apart by the user when entering and exiting the suit, it can damage the zip.   Brass zips do not like to get bent or folded.  Zips can be put under pressure if the suit is hung with the zip open.  Also cleaning the zip of salt and debris and regular lubrication to keep it running smooth is essential.  We keep zip lube in stock

Latex neck replacement costs around $150.

Latex wrist replacement cost around $150 for a pair.

For Neoprene seals, the costs vary per suit and seal style, so we would need more information to create a quote.

Zips cost around $600 to $650 to be replaced. 

This doesn't include shipping to and from our trusted drysuit repair expert.