Tank Testing & Servicing SCUBA gear

Equipment Servicing

Why have your gear serviced? It is your life support system whilst diving!!! 

Our technician Graeme has been in the business for over 30 years, so he has seen it all.  


Cylinder Testing

It's all done on-site here and then filled in one easy step for you. 

We try our best to get it done within 24 Hours.


Air Fills

With our Bauer compressor, we treat it to only genuine Bauer parts, filters and oils.  With quality comes a price, but you and your gear are worth it.   We have a 2 stack filter system that gets new filters every 50 hours for stack 1 and every 200 hours for stack 2.  This means the air going into your cylinders is super clean and has minimal moisture, this results in your cylinders lasting longer as they will not rust or corrode.     

You're Welcome.