Hire SCUBA gear

Equipment Hire

Conditions of Hire;

  • Proof of diving qualification.
  • Full payment is required at the commencement of hiring.
  • Deposit or Credit Card details will be taken as security along with contact details.
  • All equipment to be returned to Dive HQ at 41 Clyde St Whangarei, in the same condition as it was supplied to the hirer.
  • All equipment must be returned thoroughly rinsed in FRESH WATER please. Failure to do so will incur a $20 cleaning fee.
  • If any equipment is returned after the return date set out above, it will be charged for until its return, on a daily basis of the regular rates charged by Dive HQ Whangarei.
  • Any equipment that is stolen, lost or damaged while under contract with the hirer, shall be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Dive HQ. If replacement is required the amount shall be the RRP of the equipment less the amount of hire charge paid. The hirer will immediately upon demand pay the charge to Dive HQ Whangarei.
  • It is understood that the user is a competent diver and that no claims whatsoever can be forthcoming from the use of the above equipment.
  • Dive cylinders must be returned with a minimum of 40 bar left in them. ¬†Any cylinders that are empty, must be opened and cleaned/inspected at the cost of the customer.

*Full sets do not include torch or DSMB.

Please note; A credit card and photo ID (Licence or Passport) is required as security when hiring equipment. The credit card holder must be present.

Premium equipment in our school is only available to students on a Dive HQ Whangarei course, but is available to try in our pool.

Tank with air $30
Tank with Nitrox 32% $40
Regulator set Scubapro MK2 $25
BCD - Jacket style, weight belt required $25
Wetsuit 7mm $25
Weight Belt $15
Mask/Snorkel $15
Fins $20
Booties $10
Full set - 1 tank air $110
Full set - 2 tank air $120
Torch $25
1 metre DSMB & Reel $20
Light & Motion 2000F video lights and tray $200
Premium School equipment for Dive HQ courses only See items
Manifolded 12L Steel Faber $60
DIN regulators for back mounted Twins. Scubapro MK25/G260 $50
Dry Suit - excludes undergarments $100
Dry Suit Under Garments - Fourth Element Arctics $40
Wetsuit - Premium 7mm Beuchat $35
Premium rear inflation BCD with integrated weights $40
Premium MK25/S600-G260 with computer $35