Stay Warm & Dry with a PADI Drysuit Course

Stay Warm & Dry

Do you feel the cold or want to dive in New Zealand all year around and not just the summer?  Perhaps you are a photographer or even a dive professional looking after students and you don't move very far underwater.  Well you will not be creating much heat through physical exercise.  Whatever the reason, there's no benefit to getting cold whilst diving.  Infact, it's actually a predisposing factor for DCS.

Well why not stay "#Warm & Dry" in a drysuit?

The PADI Dry Suit course is taught here at Dive Now Whangarei by divers who dive all year around here in New Zealand in Dry Suits.  

The course involves a little bit of theory from the PADI Dry Suit Dive manual and then the rest is all practical.  We will introduce you to the different types of dry suits available and the pros & cons of each.  We have access to world leading brands such as DUI, Fourth Element, Santi & Scubapro and so have the experience to advise you when it comes to choosing the right suit for you and your diving.

Once we have sized you up for a suit and the appropriate undergarments from our school, we will spend time in our pool learning how to control the suit.  Once you have mastered the suit in our pool, we can head to the Open Water for 2 dives to complete your PADI Dry Suit training.  

Costs | $300 

Minimum of 2 Students required to run the course, otherwise private can be arranged.  Max 4 students

Dry Suit Rental for the course $120


Likes to stay warm

Open Water Diver

Course requirements;

Your own dive equipment including functioning Dry Suit with appropriate under garments, computer, DSMB & reel, cutting tool, torch and compass.

Please Note: To enroll in a scuba diving course, you must complete the "Medical Statement Form".  It may be necessary to obtain a DIVE medical completed within the last 12 months. Click here to download a medical statement form.

Transportation is not provided by Dive Now Whangarei, but we do our best to help organise car pooling to the dive sites.


Dry Suit course Schedule

Tuesday 19th February, evening Pool

Saturday 23rd February, Open Water


Tuesday 2nd April, evening Pool

Saturday 6th April,  Open Water