Stay down longer with PADI's Enriched Air Nitrox Course

Stay down longer with PADI's Enriched Air Nitrox Course

Nitrogen, you learned about it as an Open Water Diver, then again as an Advanced Open Water diver you started to see how it really affects you and your allowable bottom times.  NDL - No Decompression Limits.  Well why not reduce the amount of nitrogen we breath?

Diving on Air (21% - Oxygen - O2 / 79% Nitrogen  N2) to 18m, you can potentially stay for up to 56 minutes if you have enough air in your cylinders. Well on Enriched Air Nitrox x32 (32% O2 / 68% N2) you can stay for up to 95 minutes and on 36% for up to 126 Minutes.

Go a little deeper on air (21% O2) to 25m (say on the Northland's Canterbury or Waikato wrecks or many of the sites at the Poor Knights) and you can stay for upto 28 mins.  But on EANx32 (32% O2) you can stay for upto 40 minutes and on EANX36 (O2 36%) for upto 50 minutes.

Is it starting to make sense yet? 

Now add in the cost of a charter and the time you spend underwater and the training will be worth it.

So to dive on "Nitrox" you just need to complete the PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course which involves reading the PADI manual and attending an evening of theory in the classroom.  Here in New Zealand, we also are required by Worksafe to complete two Nitrox dives with your instructor. We can complete these "FUN" dives on any of our Poor Knights or Bay of Islands trips.

Cost | $250

Plus the cost of the charter depending on which trip you join us on.


Open Water Diver

Minimum age | 15 years old

Course requirements;

Your own dive equipment including computer, DSMB & reel, cutting tool, torch and compass.

Please Note: To enroll in a scuba diving course, you must complete the "Medical Statement Form".  It may be necessary to obtain a DIVE medical completed within the last 12 months. Click here to download a medical statement form.

Transportation is not provided by Dive Now Whangarei, but we do our best to help organise car pooling to the dive sites.