Escape the crowds - Dive deeper with Dive Now Whangarei

The lure of the deep 

Some divers will never go beyond the 18 metres of an Open Water diver and that's perfectly fine.  But to other divers, there is that lure to go deeper.  What is that I can see 10 - 20 metres below? 

Looking up from the bottom of one of the many archways at the Poor Knights offers us some magical views.  Perhaps you are a qualified PADI Wreck Diver and have the desire to visit the props on Waikato which sit in the mid 30's.

Our PADI Deep Diver course is not just about going deeper, it's about teaching you how to safely plan a deeper dive, choose the correct equipment and execute the dive.

The PADI Deep Diver course is one of the Pre-requisites for the PADI Tec 40/45/50 courses along with Enriched Air Diver and Rescue Diver.  It is also recommended for PADI Dive Master Trainees, as you are required to do 2 out of the 4 dives from this specialty for the Dive Master course.

Some divers choose to do the PADI Deep Diver course for insurance purposes.  They are Advanced Open Water divers going on an international trip and want that assurance that if in the unlikely event they exceed 30m and have require assistance, their travel insurance will cover them.

Whatever your reason, it is a great course to participate in.

Cost | $399

Minimum of 2 Students required to run the course, otherwise private can be arranged.  Max 4 students

Excludes the charter and gear rental


  • Advanced Open Water
  • At least 18 years old
  • Ideally a Dive Now Whangarei run PADI Peak Performance Bouyancy course

All of the materials, training and 4 Deep Dives are included in your course fee

Course Requirements:

Your own dive equipment including computer, DSMB & reel, cutting tool, torch and compass.

Please Note: To enroll in a scuba diving course, you must complete the "Medical Statement Form".  It may be necessary to obtain a DIVE medical completed within the last 12 months. Click here to download a medical statement form.

Transportation is not provided by Dive Now Whangarei, but we do our best to help organise car pooling to the dive sites.