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Steel or Aluminium?

Steel cylinders are smaller for there internal volume compared to aluminium.   A 10L steel is shorter than an 11L aluminium, but holds the same amount of air if the steel is filled to 230bar and the aluminium is filled to 207 bar.

Steel tend to have a higher pressure rating than aluminium, so can hold more gas.

Steel cylinders do not get as buoyant as an aluminium one when below 120 bar, so you do not need as much weight.

Steel cylinders are at risk of rust if they get scratched.

Alumiinum are great if they are living on a boat as the are not at risk of rusting.  They also do not need painting.  They can still corrode/pit if they are not stored correctly.

You do need more weight when diving with Aluminium, so be sure you know what you are using.