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Keep It Super Simple, use a good quality computer.

Tables are great to understand, but computers are easier to read when you are diving.  You can even make them more conservative if you wish. 

Wrist computers are the easiest to read and they leave you hands free.  If you feel there is a risk of scratching them, you can just turn them on your wrist. 

Computers on your console, well you won't lose them.  But you need to unclip them and bring them into position to read, then clip back up.

Modes: Free Diving, Gauge, Scuba, Nitrox, OC Tec, OC/BO

Rechargable vs batteries.  Easy battery changes a diver can do vs send them away for the change. 

Algorithms . Bubble model vs Gradient Factors.

Come and have a chatabout which one suits you and your diving best.